Feb 28, 2012

Lost Halloween Pictures

Halloween 2011

They still want to dress up. I love it. I had a lot of fun making these costumes this year.It is the one time of the year I feel like I have an excuse to sew. It is funny they requested similar looking costumes. Logan is a Spartan and Emma is supposed to be Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.

Feb 6, 2012

Still alive and kicking in New Mecico

Ladies 80's night

Some of the ladies from Paradise Hill's


Erin found this dress at savers,with the tags still on it. What a deal. She looked so authentic 'Mormon 80's' that Harold said he is still having nightmares.

Love the passion Emily!

Also we bought a house
(or we have a house on loan, scary!)
We will be married 20 years this year. Harold says it is time to finally buy a house.

We bought a house

Miranda happenings
Winter Ball

Look at those shoes. Crazy girl. I think we spent too much time in Korea.

Miranda and Branden.
Then she did this.............

I think she is actually pulling it off. I am really getting sad that she is leaving this year.

Dec 26, 2011

Holiday greetings

Caleb in the back corner ready to march.

Nacho on clean up crew. Man, we are turning in to dog people. It makes me sick!

Senior Pictures "sniff, sniff"
Of course she had to wear those shoes. She has been wearing them since 4th grade. I bought them a little big for her,sick at the price and the money I was wasting, if I had only knew she would get that many years out of them I would have got two pairs of them.

These are pictures from our ward party that somehow we were asked to plan. Lucky us! I need a degree in party planning. It stresses me out, but ward parties seem to be a reacquiring theme in our lives so I guess I better learn how to do it right. I think it could be that we are always the new people that haven't been asked yet, it is also convenient for them because I can't say no.
We fed everyone Nachos and called it 'Nacho ordinary Christmas' It turned out well.

Not sure who Santa was but I swear he had on combat boots.

Merry Christmas.(this is the hat Militza made last year)

Dec 17, 2011

Girls camp , Harold's Birthday, The Balloon Festival And Max's Birthday.

Girls Camp

Here is a picture of our ward at girls camp. I haven't been to girls camp since I was pregnant with Caleb. It was fun to go back as an assistant camp director. This was Miranda's last year! sniff, sniff

Harold turns 39

Harold turns 39 so naturally the kids got him depends. They think were old. I do love this picture of them all modeling them.

The Balloon Festival

These are pictures from the actual balloon festival.

These next pictures of what we all thought was the best. Balloon Chasing. You just get in the car and wait for the balloons to drop. Then you chase them down and watch them land. It was fun.

I really think this landing was on accident. None of the other balloons we saw landed in places like this. He was really close to a lot of houses. The Pilot had Dad and Caleb help him fold up his flag. It was kind of cool to see Caleb do something that cool with his Grandpa.

Every balloon has a ground crew to help them land and fold up the Balloon.

I love how you can see all the balloons in the sky. It is a really cool thing to see.

Max turns 1

while they were here for the Balloon festival Max had his first birthday. He is so cute.

Aug 19, 2011

1 and 9 come to visit

Here are some pictures of Joydell's and Ana's visit. It was a lot of fun.

Joydell at Explora. Juliana and Max.

JJ, Carson, Micheal, and Emma Playing at Explora.
Hanging out at home.

Max wanting to be bigger

Harold and Max

The kids at Cliffs

Emma and Logan at Cliffs. If you look close you can see that Miranda is holding on to her glasses, and Emma is crying. Good times.

Aug 18, 2011

Summer for the Stanleys

The Powell's come to Albuquerque for almost a day.

Zach Planking

I think we may be getting too big for this.

We celebrate 'The 4th of July' Wyoming style.
With lots and lots of bang.

We even let the little ones hold Roman candles. It was like the wild wild west. Glad we didn't burn anything down.

Dan And Zach play leap frog.

We head to Roosevelt for some more bang.

Yes, This is what it's like in Roosevelt.

Emma packing heat

We meet in the middle(well sort of)

The Zeller's and the Stanley's Meet in Zion!
Seeing them was not as easy as it was when they lived right down the hall but we take what we can get.

Then the Kids are off to Trek

Before. So sweet! After.This picture is not doing justice.They were so dirty dirty and smelly too.
Then we threw then in the van and drove home. For real. We left SLC at 6 pm and got home at 4 am. It actually was not that bad of a drive.